Welcome to the Danish Museum of Science & Technology

Danish Museum of Science & Technology is a universe full of experiences for curious children and adults. At the museum you can use all your senses in interaction with old and new technology. Enter the airplanes to start the engines, get comfortable in the trolley bus or turn on one of the models. Get a family experience full of power.

At Danish Museum of Science and Technology you can experience the technology that changed our lives during the past 150 years. Get close to the Hammel wagon, the oldest car in the world that is still able to drive, experience the captivating Soyuz space capsule that carried the Danish Astronaut, Andreas Mogensen, out in space, or help crack big and small tasks in the museum’s MAKERSPACE.

The exhibitions show some of the most groundbreaking Danish inventions from the 20th Century – from the Danish inventor Ellehammer’s aircraft to the LEGO brick – and we explore how new technology can help solve some of the great challenges we face today.

Danish Museum of Science and Technology invites you on a journey through the history and future of Danish technology!


The Danish Museum of Science & Technology gives you the opportunity to use all your senses with fun, fascinating and epoch-making examples of old and new technology.


Tuesday-Sunday 10 am to 5 pm
Under 18 years free
Adults 110 kr.


Danmarks Tekniske Museum
Fabriksvej 25
3000 Helsingør
+45 4922 2611

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